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NEO-Vintage M1 16"BD *Wrap

The Neo-Vintage series has been developed based on thorough research into the structure and tone of vintage drums. We have made the iconic, idealized drum sound that players “hear in their head” into a reality. The 16” bass drum, which was used both in jazz clubs and on the streets in the 1960s, has been added to the NV60M1 series as a standard size. Not only is it convenient to move and store - it also produces
a wonderfully full and authentic sound.

Item NumberNV60M1-16BD-W
Item NameNEO-Vintage M1 16"BD *Wrap
Price1,230.10 USD

Tom Holder Base

Please note that the photo is different from the actual finish.
Shell7Ply maple & Poplar
Lug ColorBrass