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Yaiba II Bop Kit (without snare drum) *Mat Lacquer

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The YAIBA models have inherited the great Canopus sound and have also specialized and refined the concept of the original YAIBA – but they sit in a much more affordable price range. This is a “dream come true” for those drummers who have always wanted to easily have the Canopus sound.

In producing these drums, we adopted a different approach for the shell construction, heads and hardware. In addition we switched from nitrocellulose lacquer, the use of which is particularly costly and time consuming, to a different type of lacquer – one used by many other drum makers for their high-end models. This has reduced the time of the drying process, shortened our overall production time and enabled us to significantly reduce the price.

We are also able to provide a wide variety of color choices including new sparkle lacquer finishes.
These factors all combine to give NEW YAIBA a truly unique sound quality.

The NEW YAIBA Groove Kit and Bop Kit are the result of our research into finding the perfect shell type to suit specific sonic and stylistic requirements. We settled upon birch for the Groove kit and maple for the Bop kit . Our commitment to producing the ideal sound led us to this decision to use different shell types within one series – in this we are confident to say that we have introduced a completely new concept to the drum industry.

With all the revolutionary ideas featured in NEW YAIBA, it is indeed a drum kit of unmatched price and value.

Item NumberJSM-M18S-NSLQ-wo
Item NameYaiba II Bop Kit (without snare drum) *Mat Lacquer
Price1,563.96 USD


SD : 5.5"x14"
Lug Japanese sword lug
w/ Rims and Tom Holder

Canopus Yaiba Series continues to refine and develop its production process in order to produce superior quality drums at an affordable price. Please note that occasionally there may be slight color variations between individual drums in this series.