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NV60-M5 Snare Drum

The sound that was loved back in the 60's by drummers in many genres, such as Jazz, Rock and R&B, has come back to life!
We managed to produce a thick and warm sound by applying Canopus' original edge shaping method to European Maple shells. Additionally, the classic combination of uniquely shaped reinforcement rings, flat gray interior coating, and inner muffler has been reproduced. The sound of power and tone from that era is back!

Vintage Snare Wire brings out the potential of your snare drum and allows you to express more with pianissimo sound.

Bolt Tight makes the Tension Rods Smoother. No More Loose Tension Rods. No More Unwanted Overtones. More Overall Tones from Drums.

Japanese Sword (YAIBA) Lug
have been manufactured with sound and weight in mind,

1.6mm Steel Hoop offer a lighter, full-bodied resonance. They are suitable for producing a more "vintage" tone.

European Maple shells, uniquely shaped reinforcement rings, flat gray interior coating.

Item NumberNV60M5S-1450
Item NameNV60-M5 Snare Drum
Price671.50 USD


Size5.5"x14" / 6.5"x14"
Shell5ply Maple w/ R.F.
ColorBlue Onyx / Black Onyx
Hoop1.6mm Steel Hoop
Lug Japanese Sword Lug
Snare WireVintage Snare Wire CPSL-14DR