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NV50-M1 Snare Drum

*The driest sound of our Neo Vintage Series.

*Our Maple and Gumwood 3-ply shell, with Canopus original bearing edge shape - perfectly matched with brass straight hoops.

This unique drum provides the "driest" sound of our Neo Vintage Series. Canopus has managed to capture and improve upon the classic 1950's sound.
The shell construction is Maple + Gumwood 3ply with Canopus original bearing edge shape. Brass straight hoops bring out the full potential of this snare drum.
With every stroke you can hear and feel the full, focused sound.
Playing this brand new snare drum you will experience the classic and sought after vintage sound of the "good old days". This is THE Neo Vintage!


Item NumberNV50M1S
Item NameNV50-M1 Snare Drum
Price1,239.15 USD


Size 5.5"x14" / 6.5"x14"
Shell3ply Maple + Gumwood 8mm
ColorVintage Pearl Wrap
HoopBrass Straight Hoop / 8
Snare WireVintage Snare Wire (CPSL-14DR)