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NEO-Vintage M1 Standard Kit *Oil

Our shell design for the M1 is a result of analyzing the drum sound that dominated the jazz world in the 1960’s. Our shell construction consists of maple and poplar in 7 ply (for TT/FT) and 10 ply (for BD). Our snare drums utilize the same 7 ply maple and poplar combination, but with a customized layout for the NV60-M1 snare drum. In addition to using vintage bearing edges as a guide for our own unique design, we have adopted die-cast hoops as standard equipment on our floor toms and tom toms. The core of the drum sound comes to life in high pitched tuning, and totally eliminates the differences and instabilities that have traditionally hampered the sound of vintage instruments.


Item NumberNV60M1-SDK-OL
Item NameNEO-Vintage M1 Standard Kit *Oil
Price3,028.71 USD

Tom Holder Base

Tom holder or tom stand is not included in the drum set order. Please don't forget to order a tom holder or tom stand when ordering a drum kit if needed.
Please note that the photo is different from the actual finish.
Size14"x18"BD, 14"x14"FT, 8"x12"TT
Shell7Ply maple & Poplar
Lug ColorBrass