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Mahogany Snare Drum *Lacquer

Sound of mahogany snare durm, MH-1450 is re-produced the sound of good old days in contemporary style by adopting the shell construction of mahogany + poplar + birch 6 ply with maple reinforcement. The sound character of MH-1450 which exercised our ingenuity in shell construction and edge shape to match today's music scenes can be described as the sound fly off as sound lump while the sound of NV60-M2 comes up as planar surface. In addition, combination of mahogany + poplar is endowed with well rounded tone which hold the line against other materials. This mahogany is munufactured by the different approach from that of NV60-M2.


Item NumberMH-14XX
Item NameMahogany Snare Drum *Lacquer
Price870.79 USD


Shell6ply Mahogany + Poplar + Birch 6.5mm w/ Maple Reinforcement Ring
ColorBrown Burst LQ / Blue Liqueur LQ / Light Bordeaux LQ
HoopSteel 2.3mm
Lug ColorBrass
Snare WireCPSL-14DR