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NEO-Vintage M2 Classic Kit *Wrap

For our NV60-M2, we analyzed the drum sound that stormed the rock world in the 1960’s. The shell construction is made of 3 ply mahogany and poplar with a maple reinforcement. Thin 1.6mm pressed hoops that are customized for the NV60-M2 shells further refine the vintage sound. The attack sounds from the surface of the head rather than the point to create an immediate response with sticks and beaters. Crisp and clear snare, bass drum and tom tom combinations recreate the nostalgic sensation of a vintage rock kit and cleanly articulate every audible stroke.Rather than following the modern approach of focusing on the projection of sound, we have instead focused on the timbre of each drum to create the best tone. The sound of the drum head resonates in the space of drum shells, giving drummers the feeling of consciously controlling every musical nuance. These are the kind of drums that create pleasant grooves with responsive sounds.

Our precision bearing-edge technology eliminates the narrow range and tuning difficulties of typical vintage drums, giving today’s drummers the romanticized sound of the past with the modern convenience of cutting-edge technology.

*We recommend as the standard specification for the NV60-M2 without bolt-tight washers since we put more emphasis on the reproduction of the vintage sound of 1960s.


Item NumberNV60M2-CCK
Item NameNEO-Vintage M2 Classic Kit *Wrap
Price3,719.38 USD

Tom Holder Base

Tom holder or tom stand is not included in the drum set order. Please don't forget to order a tom holder or tom stand when ordering a drum kit if needed.
Size14"x22"BD, 16"x16"FT, 9"x13"TT
Shell3Ply Mahogany+Poplar w/ Maple Reinforcement Ring
HoopSteel 1.6mm
Lug ColorChrome