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[Limited] MO Round Edge Snare Drum

Since this snare drum is very limited. Please email us first to see the availability before you purchase.
We can not guarantee that we have the snare drum you desire.
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MO (Oil Finished Maple) Snare Drum

Though a thick maple shell has a lot of potential power, it is rather difficult to play to the limit, because there is always the possibility of only getting a strong attack. It is possible to bring out the power which the shell possesses by applying a precise bearing edge and a thin oil coating.

Round Edge Hoop - Powerful attack and Focused sustain
Round edge hoops emphasize the high pitched overtones and gener- ate a powerful attack. This hoop has a “stick saver” type of shape ‒ which provides a more focused sound and a shorter sustain.

Vintage Snare Wire brings out the potential of your snare drum and allows you to express more with pianissimo sound.

Bolt Tight Makes the Tension Rods Smoother. No More Loose Tension Rods. No More Unwanted Overtones. More Overall Tones from Drums.



Item NumberMO-1455R-LIMIITED
Item Name[Limited] MO Round Edge Snare Drum
Price499.99 USD