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Alphonse Mouzon Signature Snare Drum

Brand new signature Snare Drum from the legenary fusion drum master Alphonse Mouzon - who influenced Led Zeppelin’s drummer John Bonham and countless rock, jazz and funk drummers all over the world. Alphonse Mouzon is one of the inventors of Fusion Drumming. His Signature Power Snare Drum Series Has a fat, deep and crisp sound that is suitable for all styles of Rock, Jazz, Funk, and Fusion!!


Item NumberAM-1465
Item NameAlphonse Mouzon Signature Snare Drum
Price1,115.12 USD


Size 6.5"x14"
ShellWenge+Birch 11ply 9mm
ColorNatural Pale LQ
HoopDie-cast Hoop (Gold Plated) / 8
LugSolid Brass Tube Lug (Gold Plated)
Snare WireVintage Snare Wire(CPSL-14DR)

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