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Zelkova 30th Anniversary Edition

The Zelkova snare drum has been much loved since its debut 30 years ago. To celebrate its 30th birthday, we are releasing a VERY limited model Zelkova. It features a specially applied black lacquer – giving the unique appearance of the traditional Japanese lacquer called Urushi.
Furthermore, it has PURE GOLD on the wood grain as well as all gold hardware.
This is a very limited model that we will release only for 1 year of 2016!


Item NumberHS-1465-30th
Item NameZelkova 30th Anniversary Edition
Price3,000.00 USD


Size 6.5"x14"
ShellOne-Piece Hollowed Zelkova 14mm
ColorHeaven’s Gold(Anniversary Black / Gold)
HoopDie-cast (Gold Color Plate) / 8
Snare WireVintage Snare Wire (CPSL-ZL14NP)

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