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R.F.M. Club Kit *Oil

The first drums CANOPUS introduced were the Club Kit and later they became the foundation of the current R. F. M. series. The Club Kit is characterized by the 15 inch bass drum. which is the smallest size that allows the use of a bass drum beater. Our challenge was to gain enough bass drum sound out of the smallest shell. Although a 15 inch is usually considered for a tom tom. we succeeded in gaining a surprisingly rich and low bass drum sound. People trying the Club Kit for the first time are impressed by its rich sound from the COMPRESSED size.

We use the tom tom head for this 15 inch bass drum. The difference between the bass drum head and the tom tom head is the shape of the collar. which is holding plastic film. In the case of the 15 inch shell. the collar for a bass drum is designed to be too strong. It absorbs the energy given on the head and even muffles instead of resonating the entire shell. We have tried both of them and concluded that the tom tom head provides a better bass drum sound. In order to realize the "ideal sound". we have to be brave and try new things. because The idea of a "bass tom tom drum head for a bass drum" was not is an example in this case. We made our final judgment with our "ears" instead of relying on theory or common sense. To pull out the best potential in the shell in this ultimate compact size drums. CANOPUS' processing theory and technique are fully utilized.


Item Number00-CBK-OL
Item NameR.F.M. Club Kit *Oil
Price2,238.57 USD

Tom Holder Base

Tom holder or tom stand is not included in the drum set order. Please don't forget to order a tom holder or tom stand when ordering a drum kit if needed.
Size12"x15"BD, 12"x13"FT, 7"x10"TT
ShellAmerican Maple (RFM, Reinforcement Maple)
HoopSteel 2.3mm
Lug ColorBrass